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Please read before signing up

Thank you for following my content and wanting to support my efforts! The goal of this website is to fund the creation of my content.  Unfortunately, I am a one-man army, which means that I don't have the support staff of larger platforms like Facebook or Instagram. If you have issues, please check the help page first.

I am spending a lot of time dealing with forgotten passwords. You have three options when you sign up. I would prefer you sign up with your Google or Facebook account. If you do choose your email, please write your password down. I can not see your password, and I can not change it. If you use your email and forget your password, there is a forgot password option, but it sends an email that you have to be able to receive, and I have had issues with email providers rejecting it. If you do not receive the email, my only option is to delete your account, and you will have to sign back up. That is why it's best to use the Google or Facebook option. 

Also, if you have a VPN, please disable it while you are signing up. You will not get past the Captcha if you don't.

Lastly, this site is hosted by Wix, and the credit card processing is all done by Wix. I do not see or handle your credit card information.

Again thank you very much for wanting to support me. If you follow the guidelines above, I believe we will all have a good experience here at the Van Camping website.